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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fidelis servus, quem constituit Dominus super familiam suam

Today was an extra special day here at Caufield as we celebrated the birthday of our very own "man for all seasons" - Omar. In addition to his duties as a master of ceremonies and server, Omar is a sacristan, member of the Schola, custodian of the sacred vestments, and possessor of arguably the most amazing memory for all things historical and liturgical.

After the morning Mass, Perpetua organised a wonderful chocolate cake for the occasion and then it was off to lunch at a nearby Italian restaraunt.

Omar setting out and taking great delight in a Roman set for tomorrow morning's Mass.The cake which Perpetua procured for the occasion and which went down particularly well.

Omar doing the honours of blowing out the twenty candles on the cake. (It's so hard to believe that he is no longer a teenager now.)

Omar with one of his many young admirers, who are a testimony to the generosity and joy which he brings to the sacristy and sanctuary.

The luncheon party at Uffizi.

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Blogger Robert:

Birthday Greetings from Ireland. How wonderful!

Sun Oct 14, 01:19:00 PM GMT  

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