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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Latin Mass, Edinburgh, Scotland

Every Sunday in St Andrew’s Church, Belford Road, Edinburgh, at 11.30 am.

Here is some background information on this recent development that was twenty years in the making.

Comments [6]

Blogger Brownthing:

Yay! Now we can have Juventutem in Scotland!! haha.

Fri Nov 11, 04:38:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Boeciana:

Yes, do come all of you! You get a nice cup of tea and biscuit after Mass as well...!!

Sat Nov 12, 06:13:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Brownthing:

Wait, I don't like tea...but I'm sure you have bottled water, so not to worry. :-D

Sun Nov 13, 01:54:00 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous:

I like my tea black, with one sugar please - I'll be happy to make it myself :) I would love to go to Scotland very much!

Sun Nov 13, 09:06:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Boeciana:

Bottled water? Who needs it with lovely soft Edinburgh water coming out the tap?!

Sun Nov 13, 05:03:00 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous:

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Sun Nov 05, 08:34:00 PM GMT  

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