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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Advent fun for the chant-literate

Courtesy of Indult Bonn, here are the proper chants for the Sunday Masses of Advent (in pdf format).

- Dominica I Adventus
- Dominica II Adventus
- Dominica III Adventus
- Dominica IV Adventus

Particularly noteworthy are the verses to the Offertory chants, which are not found in the Liber Usualis or Graduale Romanum, but in the Offertoriale Triplex (Solesmes, 1985). Some of the most florid melodies found in the Gregorian repertoire adorn these verses. Alas, as I now lack a computer with sufficient audio capabilities, I cannot treat you to an MP3 recording of a full Offertory chant....

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