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Sunday, November 20, 2005


anima mea Dominum...

Well, I spent yesterday afternoon composing my first fabourdon (English Discant) setting of the Magnificat in tone viii. The idea being that it's really, really simple and, ergo, suitable by use for a parish choir that's perfectly conversant in Gregorian chant (really, it's true) but only seldom ventures into polyphony. The idea is to alternate with the chant verses. I'll do the other seven tones too, before I try anything more complicated. The only trouble is where you have a lot of mi contra fa problems in certain tones and therefore I may have to resort to fauxbourdon (French-style fourths and fifths) instead.

I'm re-reading 'Amata means beloved', a novel written by the now novice mistress here Recommended.

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Blogger Perpétua:

How the Lord is blessed in His servants and handmaids! All that kind of thing astounds me. I like being astounded :)

Sun Nov 20, 10:19:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Liturgeist:

Lol! Keep being astounded. When we lose the sense of wonder...

Quis ut Deus?

Julie Michelle Xx

Fri Nov 25, 09:40:00 AM GMT  

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