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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Ward Method video

The Church Music Association of America has released a video (WMV format) of the Ward Method of music instruction in action. Gisbert Brandt is the instructor, and the students are from the Koelnerdomsingschule (Cologne Cathedral Choir School).

The Ward Method is unique amongst all methods of music instruction in that it has a basis in Gregorian Chant. Thus, it is a uniquely Catholic method of music pedagogy.

[soapbox]While the reason this method was suddenly discarded in the late 1960s is obvious to anyone conversant in Catholic liturgical history, it does not change the fact that its lack of use by schools that bear the name Catholic is a grave injustice to Catholic art specifically, and art in general. It is past time for this method to be re-implemented on a large scale.[/soapbox]

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