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Sunday, November 13, 2005

A glorious Sunday for a picnic in the park!

What can I say? Today was a glorious day, and I have new photos to show you all so you might have a little taste! Today was our community picnic in the lovely park across the road from the church. We had many visitors from the Polish community who had brought along a relic of St Stanislaus Kostka. We had a glorious Missa Solemnis as we have for the past few weeks, but there was just something more today. Father T gave a wonderful sermon on suffering for the Church, and just as the procession was to go forth after the last (I almost typed 'lost'!) Gospel, popped back up into the pulpit to give another pew-shaking delivery on the evils of mobile phones (cells) going off during the Mass! "Yes, it must be someone terribly important!" One must personally apologise to the celebrant.

Following the book sale, and the wonderful picnic (as you will see by the photos), we had Vespers and Benediction. Goodness me. 'Moving' doesn't describe it. Our Choir director, Hugh Henry, very kindly took us through the basic chants and hymns. The congregation, filling the front rows and backed up by the choir, responded in parts beautifully. We gave our best efforts to our God.

Then came Benediction...

The Tantum Ergo was simply stunning, the angels were truly singing with us. Chillingly, echoingly, magnificent - I'm having a very hard time to describe it. Us, our Fathers, and our Lord.

At the conclusion, Father quite movingly expressed his thanks for being our pastor. Father, how blessed we are to be your sheep! DEO GRATIAS! :)

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Anonymous norman:

the picnic shows that traddies are normal people that can have fun too! hehe.

Sun Nov 13, 03:37:00 PM GMT  

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