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Friday, November 18, 2005

'November 19' and musical musings by a real pleb! :)

For a little while I have been hearing around the place of a favourable announcement that is set to be made by the Holy See about the liberalisation of the celebration of the Latin Mass. The date that has been passed around for such an event is November 19 - or the 20th for us de profundis! *waves!* During Mass today Father made mention of an important announcement that is expected before the end of the month. He is quite hesitant about these sorts of rumours, but apparently sources are becoming more reliable! Hooray! I await in great hope and prayer :)

It is Friday today, and we had Benediction. It makes me sad that while I am still learning the O Salutaris Hostia, I know with little trouble classic parish greats such as Here I am Lord, Come as You Are, and Gather Us In. It is an occasion of great joy when some great treasure finally 'sticks'. Sort of like discovering a new little shoot that has sprung forth overnight. I'm sure I'll continue to catch on as I am in wonderful company :) Please forgive my 'newness' and retreat to the Missal!

Minor clarification: we were singing O Salutaris Hostia, Tantum Ergo, and Adoremus in Aeternum at Benediction, not that other stuff! :)

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Anonymous Anonymous:

That's a great new!!! .
(From the little North-Spanish Juventutem three people group)

Fri Nov 18, 08:57:00 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous:

Hooray! :)

Fri Nov 18, 12:16:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Brownthing:

North Spanish 3 people group? The Spaniards were divided into north and south?

Fri Nov 18, 04:41:00 PM GMT  
Blogger chrysogonus:

What sources? That's the key thing here. I haven't seen anything on "official" news sites though. As for Vespers & Benediction, the hymns are not that hard to learn, even though most Catholics seem afraid to sing at Mass! Don't worry about your vocal abilities, God doesn't care about them, only what's taking places in your mind heart at the time. Remember the aim is not for musical perfection, but heightened prayer, and just joining in. ie. the most important thing in the Mass, or during the Office, is simply giving of your best in your prayers and singing. Isn't a hymn sung with great heart and soul but perhaps with some technical imperfections more pleasing to God that something technically perfect but sung with less soul or spirit? If one disagrees with this, then they are placing "technical perfection" in music ahead of the meaning of the liturgy, which is contrary to all the encyclicals on sacred music. So, if you can, try and make an effort to learn some of the main Latin hymns/chants - they'll definitely help you in your praying.

Sat Nov 19, 11:20:00 AM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous:

Hi, Christa!!!

I think there were three Spaniards groups in Juventutem. The north group could only attend the final gathering in Düsseldorf&Marienfield.
We only find another Spanish group from Madrid, but as they seem being part of a political movement rather than a traddie group, we decided not to join them.

Spain is different :-)


Sun Nov 20, 05:29:00 PM GMT  

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