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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A few things of note...

Courtesy of the lads over at 'The New Liturgical Movement' (none of that grumbling, please...) I link you to this wonderful DVD set. One is completely unadulterated, the second has Fr's commentary. Thought you might like to know.

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Blogger Perpétua:

What a lovely idea! Thank you for this :)

Tue Feb 14, 11:40:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Amanda:

I bought this DVD set. Mine came with a personal letter from Fr. Fryar and a missalette from that Mass. His thoughts on the different parts of the Mass are quite beautiful, complex, and yet simple. I hightly recommend it. As a side point, Deacon Joe Lee, one of our seminarians this past summer, is the subdeacon.

Fri Feb 17, 03:41:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Jeffrey Tucker:

Why "no grumbling"? Can you let me in on the inside joke?

Tue Feb 28, 03:30:00 PM GMT  

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