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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Compline and the Commonwealth Games

Today marked the opening of the Commonwealth Games, which happily enough, are being held in Melbourne. Although the majority of us do have some connection to the Commonwealth, I'm really quite interested in other things.

It was a treat to see a lovely fireworks display along the Yarra River while on the train home tonight, seeing people roam about the streets, perhaps a smidgen alike WYD, and having courteous cleaners coming through carriages to get rid of rubbish. It's like a Pontifical Mass. There is no reason why we can't have them every week!

While others were doing whatever it is they were doing, we were having Lenten devotions - a sermon, Stations, and Compline. We use those very helpful blue Compline books published by St Austin's Press. We have a number at the church, but a few weeks ago I bought one for private use, and so that I might practice. Last week, my Compline book was taken up with the others. I didn't say anything, I was happy for the church to have it, but deep down, I did miss it - not because it was 'my possession', but because it helped me to pray. I had just read of one Desert Father assisting a thief taking his goods, so I rejoiced in the Lord. I didn't mention it to anyone.

Tonight I was happy enough for things to stay as they were. If it was the Will of the Lord, I prayed, then I would be handed back my book. The Compline books were handed out, in no particular order. I received one, it looked a little worn, and not too familiar - I peeked inside... and there was my name. I was exceedingly happy, especially after doing the Stations. It was nice having the book back, but it was the Lord and His Saints who were the cause of my joy. Not that I should have been surprised. I share this not out of any pride, but out of joy. Laudate Nomen Domini.

I think I am about to move again..!

I thought, as the Lord has gifted us with sight, I might share an interior shot of the church that was taken by another tonight. We share the church with the parish, hence the free-standing altar, and the high altar in the background, 'dressed' in purple.

Comments [2]

Blogger chrysogonus:

But don't you already have a breviary? In which case, what was the significance of His WIll returning the Compline book? Perhaps it was to learn all the chants! :)

Thu Mar 16, 10:49:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Perpétua:

My Diurnal only has 'Sunday Compline' - or rather, it uses only that form.

Fri Mar 17, 07:14:00 AM GMT  

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