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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Newman Society endorses Juventutem

I am delighted to announce the support of The Newman Society for the endeavours of Juventutem.

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Blogger orielensis:

Dear all,

I feel obliged to share with you the following.

The 'Newman Society' who appear to endorse 'Juventutem' is not the official Newman Society. I write as the current President of the Oxford University Newman Society, the real one, set up in 1878 and recognised to this day by the Proctors of Oxford University. For more info, see
Those who use our name are in fact a separate group (considerably smaller), who have very little to do with the university at all. In fact, their 'president' is not even a matriculated member of the University, and is therefore not entitled to be a president of any student society, such as the Newman.
I must add that I and many members of the 'real' Newman Society fully support the work of Catholic groups such as Juventutem, and many of us are wholeheartedly in favour of its activities, and wish it much success. While I hope that wounds heal between our Society and the group whose endorsement you now have, I also hope that together we young Catholics can do our bit for Christ and Holy Mother Church, through the path of Sacred Tradition, prayer, observance of sound Catholic teaching, and courageous witness for Our Blessed Lord in our world.

May Juventutem be blessed indeed. May many more people come to love Christ more through the use of the Traditional Liturgy offered to its members, and may all our efforts lead to the spreading of the Gospel, the defence and propagation of Catholic Faith and Culture in our society, and ultimately the Salvation of many souls.

Apologies for this clarification, but I feel that it is necessary. If anyone has any queries regarding the Newman Society, please write to me, this term's President, at the following address:
Alex Morrison, Oriel College, Oxford, OX1 4EW.
Many thanks, and God bless.

Tue Oct 24, 12:40:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Robert:

Many thanks for the clarification.In Domino,Robert Lane,President Juventutem na hEireann (

Sat Oct 28, 02:46:00 AM GMT  

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