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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Juventutem 2008 ideas

Hello dear Juventutem bloggers,

What does 2008 mean for you? Probably not very much, unless you are already thinking about attending Sydney for WYD & Juventutem. Many of us are now only just leaving the Christmas festive season. Certainly there are hardly any that would claim to be preparing for Easter! Nevertheless, planning for such a big occasion has indeed meant that we not only plan in advance of such a well attended event, but also organise each particular element in fine detail. Coordination between all of the major countries attending Juventutem 2008 is essential, and I believe that everyone's personal involvement will have a great significant impact upon Juventutem 2008.

Certainly, a very important aspect of Juventutem 2008 will be advertising. This can be achieved in many forms: flyers, posters, emails, website etc. etc.

Do you think that these are the most effective forms of advertising? What other ways can we help to spread the Juventutem euphoria?

Juventutem 2008!

May God bless,

Treasurer, Juventutem Australia

(Xavier is the brother of Juventutem pilgrim Emma Wills)

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Blogger Liturgeist:

well, the only useful things I can do are advertise and help musically... ;-)

Sat Feb 18, 12:50:00 PM GMT  

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