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Thursday, March 23, 2006

NYC Symposium on Ecclesia Dei, etc.

Sorry for the late notice:

"Remembering John Paul II Through the Tridentine Rite"

Indira Sweeny, USA Secretary for Juventutem 2005, and I will be speaking at this event. Scott Turkington, a colleague of mine from the Church Music Association of America, and co-collaborator on A Gregorian Chant Master Class, also will be speaking.

I hope everyone is well :-)

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Blogger Amanda:


How come you don't show your face????

I hope it's a good event. However, can you say JPII really "encouraged" the TLM? I can't. He wrote Ecclesia Dei when he saw that the traditionalist movement was growing even after the 1988 SSPX consecrations. It was a concession, not an encouragement. He never ordered bishops to offer the Mass in their dioceses even when a demand for it was presented. IMO, I think he didn't expect so many young people to take to it so much. He did it as a concession to the little old ladies who were nostalgic for the old times. I suspect he hoped the TLM would fade into the dust covered pages of history.

As one of my favorite comedians used to say, that's my opinion...I could be wrong.

Thu Mar 23, 09:21:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Perpétua:

Aristotle! Deo gratias! :)

I will have a closer look at this a little later. Thank you!

Thu Mar 23, 10:01:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Aristotle:


I'm a big grey square because I haven't got a photo handy on the internet (a dignified one, anyway - Perpetua has a special one of me and Joe on her Flickr account). Plus I've necessarily been away from the internet due to work constraints (see my lack of updating on my original site).

As far as encouragement goes, indeed that is a debatable point. The fact that Ecclesia Dei was still around when I and others discovered it in 2003 (call me slow on the uptake) - not that it was emphatically encouraged or enforced - remains.

There are still many obstacles to both the liturgical movement spurred by St. Pius X - especially regarding sacred music, regardless of the year on the Missal - and to the re-acceptance of the 1962 Missal as a legitimate option. Most of those obstacles possess 46 chromosomes.

Fri Mar 24, 12:09:00 AM GMT  
Blogger Boeciana:

You're alive! hurrah!

Fri Mar 24, 12:22:00 PM GMT  

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