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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Novel Tradition

I am currently reading through the Decree on the Apostolate on the Laity. I am about half-way through, and as with all the documents, I do encourage you to read them. I have already found some lovely bits and pieces, particularly on the family, but I felt that I had to share the following excerpt - I find it, though with a tinge of sadness, rather sweet:

"Adults ought to engage in such friendly discussion with young people that both age groups, overcoming the age barrier, may become better acquainted and share the special benefits each generation can offer the other. Adults should stimulate young persons first by good example to take part in the apostolate and, if the opportunity presents itself, by offering them effective advice and willing assistance. By the same token young people should cultivate toward adults respect and trust, and although they are naturally attracted to novelties, they should duly appreciate praiseworthy traditions."

Especially when that which is 'novel', is actually the dusty timeless! Perhaps then young people are naturally restorers. Kind of like when a parent goes through a child's cupboard to find a toy, let's say a doll, simple, quite old, and perhaps a little run down. Mummy discards the doll without asking her daughter. The daughter, thus finding out is distraught. "Mother, how could you do this? I know I didn't really play with her, but I loved her - I know you didn't like her, but you didn't ask me!" Out the girl goes to find her lost 'heritage', frantically searching through the rubbish, until she finds her, and with great relief and care, restores her and places her on display in the family household for all to see. Observing, Mother thinks to herself, "Goodness, how I had forgotten how lovely she is after all. That doll looks familiar to me... Wait. That was my doll! A gift from my Father."

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